Black Grape Dessert!


Ingredients: Black Grapes-210g ; China Grass (agar agar)- 20g ; Sugar-50g.


  • Soak China Grass in luke warm water.
  • Cook 200g of black grapes with 40g of sugar on medium flame until they soften.
  • Mash the gapes, strain the pulp and keep it aside.
  • Heat China Grass in little amount of water until it melts and thickens. 
  • Add grape pulp and 10g of sugar. Mix well.
  • Cook for few minutes and pour it in a desired mould.
  • Add the remaining grapes as toppings and allow it to cool.
  • It is then ready to be served. 

Black Grapes have numerous health benefits. They help in having a sharper vision. They maintain blood sugar level. Black Grapes aid in maintaining long and healthy hair and also in the proper functioning of brain. They are useful in the prevention of infections and inflammations and in the maintenance of youthful skin. Black Grapes also help to overcome the problem of constipation. Hence they are very good for digestion. 


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