Fruity Pizza! 


Ingredients: Watermelon- 1 slice ; Banana- 10g ; Black Grapes- 5g ; Pomegranate- 5g ; Guava-3g ; Papaya- 3g.

  1. Slice the watermelon transversely and use it as a base.
  2. Cut bananas into thin slices and place them on the watermelon forming a layer. 
  3. Place the pomegranates and black grapes randomly on the banana layer.
  4. Cut the remaining fruits into small pieces and add on to the pizza.
  5. In that case, any fruit can be added. Also, dark chocolate chips can be sprinkled upon! 
  6. The fruity pizza is now ready to be served. 

The idea behind the making of fruity pizza was to make the fruits look attractive to kids who refuse to eat certain fruits. Appealing nature and creativity is what one looks for, especially children. Fruits are rich in water soluble vitamins and a few minerals. Water soluble vitamins (Vitamin B and Vitamin C) get constantly eliminated from the body through urine and faeces. Therefore, they must be replaced from time to time.


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