Get rid of your Foe, the belly fat!

I accidentally came across this tip after a continuous consumption of Cucumber juice. Now, I end my day with this fascinating mixture. The method of preparation is quite simple- Grind the cucumber (with the peel) such that it fills half the glass you consider. Fill the remaining half with water and mix it thoroughly. Enjoy your sugarless drink! It is always recommended to go sugarless just before bedtime. 
The purpose of taking this step was mainly to reduce facial acne. Cucumber juice had a wonderful impact on the acne as well. But most importantly I would like to share something that was unknown to me before the change. And that is- It burns belly fat like crazy!! Just make sure you drink the mixture every night before going to bed. A firm decision of drinking Cucumber juice along with light physical activity goes hand in hand. Decide. Set your mind.Take a step forward to shrink your waist!


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