Increase your rate of haemoglobin by going Vegan!

It is said that eating spinach increases the iron content of the blood. But spinach has Calcium too because of which it hinders the absorption of iron and vice-versa. This clearly states that choosing spinach is not a good idea to increase the rate of haemoglobin.

One of the ways that I recently came across when my eyes and skin went pale due to drastic drop in haemoglobin level, was satisfactory enough. During snack time, instead of going for unhealthy stuff, I made sure to eat dates in odd numbers (usually 1 or 3) along with a glass of fresh lime juice. This is because iron cannot be obtained directly from plant sources because of the presence of phytates and polyphenols. But in the presence of or when consumed along with a source of Vitamin C, iron is easily absorbed by the villi of the small intestine. Instead of lime juice, you can even opt for Orange, Amla, Guava or Sweet lime. 

I chose lime juice because lemons are always available in Mama’s mini supermarket! After a span of 10 days or so, I could see a considerable change in the colour of my palms, feet, nails and eyes. It is even better if one consumes the same for another 10-15 days after noticing such a change!


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  1. Heena says:

    Really interesting, thanks Ayesha.
    Looking forward to read more.


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