My Plate

It is very much essential to know what you eat and figure out how to feed your kids a nutritious and a balanced meal. This is achieved by understanding the concept of My Plate. Basically, My Plate is a food guide and it is easy to follow. 

The plate is divided into four sections that include vegetables, fruits, grains and protein-rich foods. Along with this it is necessary to consume milk, yogurt or any other milk product. Including nuts and oils is as important as other food groups. The calorie intake differs from person to person depending upon various factors like gender, age, occupation and activity. The number of servings of food depends upon the calorie intake. 

Number of servings per day,                   

Grains – maximum 6 servings. 

Protein-rich food – 1g / kg body weight.

Vegetables – 3 servings.

Fruits – 3 servings.

Milk – 200 mL.

All the food groups in a meal, after consumption, work in an integrated manner to improve and maintain overall health.


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